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Best Wine Aerator 2017 – Reviews (Guide)

Wine Aerator Buyer’s Guide

I had always wondered whether a wine aerator would work on my wine collection. My wife and I enjoy a good red wine and often by it by the case from supermarkets. I had read about wine aerators in my monthly wine club magazine but had never tried one before. My wife bought me the Vinturi Wine Aerator as a Christmas present, and since then we do not drink wine without putting it through this wine aerator.

Let me be clear, I am not a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like a good glass of wine now and again. I love wines and any device that can bring out the best in the wines I buy gets my full blessing!

Wine Aerator – Why use one?

Wine aerators are a relatively modern invention that forces air into your wine allowing you to drink it as if it had “breathed” for hours. Wine aerators are perfect for those of us who appreciate the flavors and scents of wines but do not have unlimited budgets to buy prized cellars. Aerators are perfect for dinner parties or sampling wines at their finest. The cost of a wine aerator is relatively cheap, around $30. But you will save this amount over time as a decent wine aerator can turn an average bottle of wine into something heavenly!

The purpose of a wine aerator is to filter air through the wine. We all know that a red wine needs to breathe to appreciate it to its fullest. The boutique and taste are brought out by forcing air into the wine, and this process can be sped up with a good wine aerator. Many people believe the myth that allowing wine to breathe will cause the flavor and scents to evaporate. Honestly is not true; in fact, the opposite occurs with fuller flavors and richer scents.

We find that many of the younger red wines that we buy from the supermarket contain lots of tannins. Causes a bitter finish to the wine as, during the fermentation process, the skins and seeds of the red grapes release such tannins into the wine. You will have probably drunk wines which “dry out your mouth” these are the wines with significant amounts of tannins in them. Using a wine aerator will often soften these tannins and allow the red wine to be drunk more smoothly and the smells released are greater.

Wine Aerator – The Best on the Market

There are now a huge amount of wine aerator products on the market. Gone are the days where you had to leave your wine in a decanter for hours to breathe. We recently gathered at our wine club to accurately test each wine aerator below:

Well, now without wasting any extra time, let’s jump on to our top 5 best Wine Aerator 2017 list.

Vinturi V1010 Essential Wine Aerator
  • Measures 6 inches high by 2 inches wide; safe to clean in the dishwasher
  • Easily and conveniently enhances the flavor, bouquet, and finish of any wine
  • Patent-pending design speeds up breathing process by instantly aerating in the time it takes to pour a glass of wine
  • Hold aerator over glass and pour wine through for instant aeration; mixes proper amount of air in right amount of time
  • Made of acrylic, the aerator comes with a no-drip stand

The Vinturi Wine Aerator: A Legend?

The Vinturi wine aerator has become a bit of a legend amongst wine enthusiasts throughout the world.

The design of the wine aerator has led many professional wine merchants to herald it as the best wine aerator on the market.

We put the Vinturi wine aerator to the test to find out what makes this wine aerator stand out from the rest.

Vinturi Wine Aerator Features

  • Easy to use, simply pour the wine into the funnel and let the wine aerator work its magic
  • Great results regarding wine finish, smell (bouquet) and most importantly taste
  • Instantly aerates the wine allowing you to get on with the rest of your dinner preparations
  • Made from durable acrylic which makes it robust and ensures that this wine aerator will stand the test of time
  • Dishwasher safe so very easy to clean

Our Review Of  Vinturi Wine Aerator

I was a little skeptical, to say the least when my wife gave me the Vinturi wine aerator as a present. Why? Because I had heard many rumors circulating in wine magazines about wine aerators and whether they did work as claimed.

The job of a wine aerator is to “open up” your wine which in theory will make it taste and smell better.

The Vinturi wine aerator uses a design that is patent pending to aerate your wine with as little fuss and time as possible. This is achieved by holding your wine glass under the aerator and pouring the wine through the aerator from the bottle.

You will not be surprised to hear that I am a great fan of the Vinturi wine aerator. Any device that can turn a glass of Chianti (or Piot Noir) for that matter into wine that is both fresh on the palette and a pleasure to smell is simply a must have.

Soiree bottle-top Wine Decanter & Aerator
  • makes wine taste better. works for both red and white wine.
  • new proprietary borosilicate strengthened glass blend.
  • new 5-ring gasket to fit almost any wine bottle.
  • drying rack/stand included.
  • the only glass in bottle wine aerator. the true gourmet choice.

“We agree that the wine has much more body and flavor through the Soiree wine aerator. I want one for myself now. I recommend this product.”

A member of our wine club brought along his Soiree wine aerator to let us put it to the test. This wine aerator differs from the Vinturi wine aerator in that it is designed to fit on top of your wine bottle.

Soiree Wine Aerator Features

  • An all-in-one wine aerator and decanter
  • Works for both red and white wine
  • Allows aerating of wine by the glass allowing you to save the rest of your wine in the bottle for drinking later
  • Unique dimple design allows this wine aerator to mix more air into your wine
  • The Soiree wine aerator comes with a handy stand for when you want to store the wine aerator away

Our Review Of  Soiree Wine Aerator

Soiree wine aerator was its ease of use. Most other wine aerators require two hands to operate them. This wine aerator is different in that is can easily be used with one hand. We also noticed that unlike other wine aerators, this one works on the science that wine sticks to surfaces.

While sticking to surfaces, the wine becomes aerated. The Soiree wine aerator will, therefore, expose your wine to as much air as possible throughout the aeration process which is aided by the dimples on the inside of the glass bubble making up the wine aerator.

Trudeau Aroma Aerating Pourer with Stand
  • Aerating pourer with stand by Trudeau
  • Stylish clear and black finish
  • Double aeration allows the wine to be aerated while it is inside the bottle, as well as during pouring; decanting by-the-glass made easy
  • Improves bouquet and flavor instantly by injecting air into the wine as you pour
  • Five year warranty

When you serve or drink wine, you want it to be it is very best. As you know, it is a required step to let wines “breathe” for them to taste their best and to have the best bouquet; or is it? While wine experts have been telling people to let wines breathe for decades, the use of the Trudeau Aroma Wine Aerator can eliminate that step altogether.

Trudeau Wine Aerator Features

  • Aerates wines, as you pour them – directly from the bottle
  • A sleek, stylish design with a clear and black finish
  • Double-aerates wines, both inside the bottle and as you pour
  • Decants every glass of wine, one glass at a time
  • Makes the bouquet and taste of your wines much smoother and enjoyable
  • Comes with a five-year warranty

Our Review Of  Trudeau Wine Aerator

It takes air, being injected into your wines, to make them taste their best. Traditionally, decanters have been used to allow wines to breathe. With the Trudeau Aroma Wine Aerator, though, you do not have to deal with large, unattractive decanters anymore.

The Trudeau Aroma Wine Aerator is a compact, sleek tool that injects air into your wines so that you can be done with decanters, and long wine-breathing sessions, once and for all. That means you, and your guests can spend more time enjoying the finest tasting vintages, and less time waiting around for the wines to be acceptable for drinking.

The Sharper Image KP-W001 Wine Aerator
  • Allows the wine to breathe, bringing out the full bouquet of flavor and "nose"; Eliminates any bitterness and delivers a smooth elegant finish
  • Transforms the flavor and bouquet of even the most affordable wines
  • Elegant design made of high-density no-scratch clear acrylic that doesn't stain or retain flavors after use
  • Non-slip soft touch grip allows the Aerator to work with virtually any wine glass
  • Non-slip stand included for beautiful display and easy storage

Whether you are serving the best of the best when it comes to wines for your guests, or you simply want to pour everyday bottles, while still getting a great tasting wine, you need a wine aerator in your collection of wine tools and accessories.

The Sharper Image has always been known as a cutting-edge company when it comes to offering helpful, ingenious little gadgets. Well, they have really outdone themselves with the introduction of The Sharper Image KP-W001 Wine Aerator.

The Sharper Image KP-W001 Wine Aerator Features

  • Makes every glass of wine a full flavored glass
  • Let’s wine breathe without you having to wait to drink or serve it
  • Gets rid of bitterness and delivers the smoothest taste imaginable
  • Even less expensive wines have a better taste and bouquet when using this aerator
  • Made from high density, clear acrylic that doesn’t stain or hold onto the flavor of wines
  • The grip is soft-touch and non-slip to allow easy use
  • Comes with a non-slip stand to display and store the aerator

Our Review Of The Sharper Image KP-W001 Wine Aerator

While it is possible for a glass of wine to taste good, right out of the bottle, it is not always advisable to pour wine this way. As you probably know, wine experts recommend letting a glass of wine “breathe” for up to 30 minutes, for it to taste its best.

However, let’s be honest here; none of us has that kind of time. Sure, we all know that we should not serve any wine before its time, but that does not mean that we should have to waste time just to enjoy a nice glass of wine now and again. With The Sharper Image KP-W001 Wine Aerator, you can forget all about those long “breathing” sessions for your wine.

Even less expensive wines immediately taste better when served through The Sharper Image KP-W001 Wine Aerator. By simply pouring your bottle through this wine aerator, it will taste as good as it possibly can.

Rabbit Wine Aerator Pourer
  • The Aerator Pourer aerates wine as it is poured, improving the quality and flavor of red wine.
  • Designed to fit all bottle types.
  • Constructed of silicone and polished, stainless steel for long service life.
  • Easy to use: just uncork a bottle, insert the super aerator, and pour.
  • This tool should be hand-washed only; wash with warm water and a mild detergent and then let dry.

Whether you simply like to enjoy a nice glass of wine, now and again, or you are someone who might be called a true wine connoisseur, you know that drinking a glass of wine is more complex than simply tipping the bottle. To get the best tasting, properly poured wine, it takes a wine aerator to make a wine taste its absolute best.

Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer Features

  • The pourer is made from sturdy plastic
  • Aerator is transparent, so you can see the wine being aerated
  • Your wine will swirl through the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer to improve bouquet and flavor without allowing excessive time for the wine to breathe
  • Easily inserts into bottlenecks, so there’s no decanter needed
  • Easy to take apart for cleaning by hand
  • Comes with an attractive storage case

Our Review Of The Rabbit Wine Aerator

Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer Is Perfect for Wine Tasting Parties.

If you have ever dreamed of having fun wine tasting parties at home, you will want to have a few, high-quality wine aerators on hand. Be sure to stock up on the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer to equip your party guests for the best wine tasting experience.

It is easy to give everyone the great tasting wine they deserve when you use the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer on each and every bottle you serve. Your guests are sure to rave about the bottles you pop open at your parties, once they taste wine poured through the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer.


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